Opera Mantra

 Songs & Mantras with Piano accompaniment &

a Touch of Opera.  

“When I hear Sarah McSweeney’s voice, her musical prowess, her impeccable nuance, my soul sings along with her.”


~Thomas Bahler, songwriter for Michael Jackson & co-producer with Quincy Jones

Sarah has opened for popular artists like Colbie Caillat (“Bubbly”), Michelle Branch (“Everywhere”), and BB King, as well as recorded original material with grammy award winning producer Ruslan Sirota, (known for his work with Dianne Warren, Josh Groban, and Ne-Yo). 


Sarah combines her classical training with meditation & mantras into a unique contemporary songwriting style.  


Comments from listeners

“Sarah’s singing and music soothes my mind and brings me to a place of serenity.”


~Dr. Joe Vitale, author “Zero Limits,” star in movie "The Secret"

Austin, TX USA

©2017 Sarah McSweeney Music